Man-made wooden conservatories

wood conservatoryOpting for a full hardwood conservatory could be expensive, so what are your options when it comes to getting the best low cost conservatory prices and keeping a ‘traditional’ look to your new living space?

One solution may be that you look for installers that can manufacture your new conservatory from ‘engineered wood’ this is also known as ‘man made wood’ or ‘composite wood’ and is created by bonding and fixing strands of other wood together with adhesives to create a basic block of wood and then shaping this to the required form or design.

Glued laminated timber (glulam) is probably the option used for conservatories as it is made up from lengths of similar timber bonded together and can be easily used to make columns, beams & shapes giving it a great range of flexibility in design option.

Engineered Wood Conservatories