What affects new boiler installation costs?

gas boiler costs 2018Boiler Installation – Keeping the Cost Down – Getting a new boiler system installed can be a costly affair as modern boilers can be expensive due to the how complex the electronics are inside and the potential work needed to carry out a replacement.

Even though new A+ rated water & central heating will save you money in the long run, the initial outlay can be daunting for many.

As with any type of installation work there are a number of differing factors which can both save you money or add an expense to the overall cost so we’ve listed a few below

Of all the factors in play we feel these are the 3 that we find the most influential

Property Size

Clearly this will have a direct correlation to the price of the job. Bigger houses mean more rooms to heat, more radiators to install and also a larger capacity water tank / boiler.

Even if you have existing pipework, it may be that it needs refurbishing, cleaning / flushing.

Boiler Installation Costs